We assemble every Lord’s Day to centre our lives upon the exaltation and worship of our God & King, Jesus Christ. We begin with a time of teaching and corporate prayer together as a church @ 2:00pm and then take a brief break before assembling to worship the LORD together @ 3:00pm. If people are unable to join us for teaching and prayer, they are more than welcome to jump in and join us for the main worship service. People are encouraged to spend time in fellowship afterwards and we have made a habit of enjoying fellowship over a potluck lunch the first Sunday of every month. ALL ARE ALWAYS WELCOME!


  • The teaching is usually more doctrinal, taking a wholistic (systematic) approach to our study of Scripture, leaving room for open discussion as we seek to apply these eternal principles and truths in our daily lives. We also seek to devote a significant portion of this time to prayer for and with one another.
  • We also have a couple classes for kids ages 4 to grade 8. We are currently using a curriculum from Great Commission Publications called “First Catechism” providing a basic framework of biblical doctrine. The word “catechism” basically comes from the Greek word katekeo referring usually to oral instruction/teaching (cf. Luke 1:4 or Acts 18:25).


We worship through song, reading of Scripture, prayer, expository preaching of the Word of God, and celebration of the Lord’s Supper every week (participation in the bread & cup is limited to those living in repentant faith and obedience to the Lord Jesus).


COME and join us Sunday mornings to hear the Word of God read, explained, and applied together as the body of Christ. If your circumstances prevent you from being able to worship with us, please reach out to us to make arrangements to minister to you in person or other available means if necessary. For example, our pastor goes weekly to the Heritage Lodge in Vankleek Hill to minister to some of the residents there.

For an example of what you can expect, you can find a recent sermon from Christ Church here.


To get an idea of the kind of songs we sing, we have made a Worship Music Playlist on YouTube (click here) to aid our congregation to grow in familiarity and participation in congregational singing and praise. We generally use the “Hymns of Grace” (https://hymnsofgrace.com/) hymnal and “A Metrical Psalter” (https://psalms.seedbed.com/psalms-index/) to assist us in our worship of the LORD together in song.


This handout in the photo from Westminster Presbyterian Church (Charleston, South Carolina) reflects the encouragement and commitment of the members of Christ Church to our parents of young children.

Having the discipline to sit quietly and engaged through the entire service is an impressive feat for most adults today, let alone children. We get that saying “Relax!” is easier said than done. Just know that we are blessed by the audible reminders of your children’s presence and we are cheering for them, not judging them.

Sitting through the whole service is an important discipline to nurture as a part of worshiping and growing in maturity together as the body of Christ. But it doesn’t even scratch the surface of what it means to raise your children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord. We strive to encourage and equip parents to fulfil their calling to be the spiritual shepherds of their home, and evangelists to their neighbours and the friends of their children; opening their homes and Bibles to the lost in Jesus name.